What are Oriental cockroaches?

The Oriental cockroach is a large cockroach species that is commonly found across many parts of the country. Oriental roaches are an occasional invader and will enter homes and businesses from the outside in search of food and water.

Like other roach species, they are often found in areas with moisture problems such as inside damp basements, under sinks, in washing machines, in utility rooms, and in bathrooms. Adult Oriental cockroaches grow up to one inch in length and are shiny with a dark brown color. Females have a wide body and short wings, while males have a narrow body and longer wings. Despite their wings, neither the male nor female can fly.


small oriental cockroach on furniture around home

Are Oriental cockroaches dangerous?

While Oriental cockroaches do not harm humans directly through bites, they can cause indirect harm through the diseases and pathogens they spread.

Like American cockroaches, their legs contain spines that can pick up bacteria, so when they crawl through sewers, garbage disposals, bathrooms, and dumpsters, they pick up harmful materials from these areas and spread them to other areas throughout the home.

The areas that become contaminated include food preparation surfaces, pantry items, and any other area that the cockroaches come into contact with.

The bacteria that Oriental cockroaches carry can induce vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Many people also have allergies to the cockroaches’ excrement and to the skin that they shed, and for some, these allergens can cause severe asthma attacks.

Why do I have an Oriental cockroach problem?

Oriental cockroaches are typically found outdoors during warmer months of the year. They have to be near water to survive, so colder months force them to move inside to find resources and a warm place to make a nest. Due to their need for moisture, Oriental cockroaches are almost always found on the lower levels and basements of the buildings they infest where moisture problems are more common. Like other cockroaches, the Oriental cockroach can also be carried into your home in bags, boxes, or inside laundry.

How do I get rid of Oriental cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches are a dangerous invasive pest. Most homeowners are not equipped to handle them on their own. Don’t leave the safety of your home or business to chance; contact the roach professionals at Pestmaster® Services for help, and stop Oriental cockroaches from taking over your property.