What are mud daubers?

Mud daubers are small wasps with black or brown bodies, distinctive yellow limbs, and two pairs of powerful wings. Unlike other wasps that make huge colonies, mud daubers are more solitary, constructing individual nests out of mud tubes, giving them their name. They typically range in length from 3/4-1 inch. Mud daubers appear uniquely thin compared to other wasps.


mud dauber tubes on wall inside home

Are mud daubers dangerous?

As they rarely defend their nest by stinging, mud daubers are generally considered to be nuisance pests. However, like any stinging insect, their venom can cause an allergic reaction in people that can become quite serious and require medical attention.

While mud daubers are not considered as aggressive as other stinging insects, caution should still be taken around them so that a sting does not accidentally occur.

Why do I have a mud dauber problem?

Mud daubers are usually found in and around human dwellings, as these can provide exceptional shelter for their mud tubes. Mud daubers are often found under porches, decks, eaves, and in garages, sheds and attics.

How do I get rid of mud daubers?

Mud daubers can be a difficult and dangerous pest to attempt to treat alone. Contact the stinging insect experts at Pestmaster® Services for info about how one of our comprehensive pest control programs might be the perfect solution to your mud dauber dilemma.