What are cicada killers?

Cicada killers are a species of wasp similar to hornets, with yellow and black markings on all three of their body segments. Cicada killers are often mistaken for European hornets due to their similar appearance, but can be differentiated by their pale red or orange legs. Cicada killers are named for their tendency to hunt cicadas, which are short-horned grasshoppers. While this makes cicada killers beneficial to the environment, it doesn’t stop them from putting homeowners they come into contact with at risk.


a cicada killer on a rock

Are cicada killers dangerous?

Cicada killers do not carry diseases and are primarily considered a nuisance due to their noisy and messy behaviors. However, while human stings are uncommon, they are still possible.

Why do I have a cicada killer problem?

Cicada killers tend to invade sunny spots around homes where cicadas congregate. They will then dig tunnels into the ground, disturbing plants and gardens in the process. If your backyard is conducive to other insects, expect cicada killers to be on their heels.

How do I get rid of cicada killers?

The Pestmaster® Services technicians have a long history of keeping stinging insects at bay for homeowners across America. If cicada killers are turning your summer into a nightmare, contact us to find out how one of our professional stinging insect treatments can help.