What are brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders are medium-sized and range in length from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. Their most distinguishing characteristics are a violin-shaped mark on the top of the body, as well as three pairs of eyes that are arranged in a unique semi-circle pattern. These spiders are dangerously venomous and are found across the United States.


a brown recluse spider in its natural habitat

Are brown recluse spiders dangerous?

While they rarely bite humans unless injured or threatened, brown recluse spiders carry dangerous venom that can cause serious health concerns to people.

The severity of reactions to brown recluse bites will differ from person to person, and some people (especially those with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems) may develop a severe whole-body reaction that requires immediate medical attention.

If you are bitten, you may not notice right away, as symptoms usually appear two to eight hours after the bite. Once you realize you’ve been bitten, seek medical attention and, if possible, bring the spider to a specialist for identification.

The most common symptom is redness around the bite and blistering. You may also experience some pain and itching at the bite site followed by the area ulcerating and necrosis of the tissue that may take months to heal.

Why do I have a brown recluse spider problem?

Brown recluse spiders tend to favor darkened areas inside homes such as closets, cupboards, attics, and dry basements. If they are around your property, you will most likely find them in sheds, piles of debris, and woodpiles. Brown recluse spiders overwinter during colder months and are most active between March and October.

How do I get rid of brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders can be difficult to eliminate because they typically live outdoors. As their name implies, they are timid and difficult to find for the average homeowner, so if you think you have a brown recluse spider problem, your best bet is to contact the spider professionals at Pestmaster® Services for help.