What are baldfaced hornets?

Baldfaced hornets are wasps physically similar to yellow jackets due to their black and yellow coloration and similar body shape. However, at 1/2-5/8 of an inch long, these hornets are both bigger and more aggressive than their stinging insect relatives.


a bald faced hornet smelling tiny white flowers

Are baldfaced hornets dangerous?

Baldfaced hornets are incredibly territorial and their stings can be extremely painful, causing itching and swelling for over 24 hours in most cases. They can also cause severe allergic reactions in many people requiring medical attention.

Why do I have a baldfaced hornet problem?

Similar to paper wasps, baldfaced hornet infestations can be identified by the presence of paper-like hornet nests suspended above the ground in close proximity to the property, usually hanging from overhangs and utility poles or attached to sheds.

How do I get rid of baldfaced hornets?

Stinging insect infestations are always best left to the professionals, especially for dangerous insects like hornets. The professional stinging insect eliminators at Pestmaster® Services have decades of experience dealing with stinging insects of all shapes and sizes and can keep your home protected.