What are Asian tiger mosquitoes?

Asian tiger mosquitoes get their name for their distinctive black and white-striped pattern. Asian tiger mosquitoes grow to about 1/8 inch, with long, segmented bodies and one pair of wings. While their bite may not be as outwardly scary as the tiger’s, the effects it carries are no less vicious. This species is capable of spreading many harmful diseases.

Despite the name, Asian tiger mosquitoes are common in yards across the United States and are particularly concentrated in southern states. This mosquito is not native to the United States. It came over from Southeast Asia during the 19th century in imported tire casings.


an asian tiger mosquito standing on a dried leaf

Are Asian tiger mosquitoes dangerous?

Asian tiger mosquitoes can transmit many of the same diseases as yellow fever mosquitoes, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

They are also known to transmit Eastern equine encephalitis, a brain infection that can leave those affected with severe ongoing neurological problems.

Even without the disease component, an Asian tiger mosquito bite can be an annoying and painful experience, with reactions ranging from mild irritation to intense inflammation and swelling.

Why do I have an Asian tiger mosquito problem?

Like all mosquitoes, female Asian tiger mosquitoes need sources of standing water to lay their eggs. If you have pools, ponds, or fountains around your yard that haven’t been cleaned, Asian tiger mosquitoes might have taken them as an invitation to invade; likewise, if your lawn has tall grass or clutter to hide in, these mosquitoes in the area might be doing just that.

How do I get rid of Asian tiger mosquitoes?

Like other mosquito species, Asian tiger mosquitoes are considerably difficult to treat alone, and DIY methods could inadvertently cause damage to other plants, animals, or water sources within your yard’s surrounding ecosystem. If you’ve experienced Asian tiger mosquito bites, don’t wait to contact a professional. Our experienced pest technicians at Pestmaster® Services will help you safely and effectively take back your yard.