What are American cockroaches?

American cockroaches are the largest of the home-infesting roaches found in homes and businesses across the United States, typically measuring between 1-1/2 to 2 inches in length. Unlike German cockroaches, American cockroaches have wings and are capable of flight, although they rarely do so. They are reddish-brown in appearance with a small section of brown or yellow behind their head.


american cockroach on a dried up leaf

Where will I find American cockroaches?

American cockroaches are one of the most common household insect invaders in the country, often found in kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms.

In commercial settings, they are commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, breweries, and other establishments where food is prepared or stored. American cockroaches like moist environments and can be found in sewers and basements, especially those with moisture problems.

Are American cockroaches dangerous?

While they don't bite and they can't physically harm you directly, American cockroaches have spines on their legs that can pick up and spread bacteria, leading to food contamination and diseases in homes or businesses they infest. They are also known to aggravate asthma symptoms in certain individuals. American cockroaches are also known to destroy wallpaper and personal belongings like books, papers, and clothing.

Why do I have an American cockroach problem?

These pests are attracted to moist environments, so if you have areas of dampness or moisture in your structure, you may be inviting an infestation inside. If you have a recurring American roach problem, there may be moisture problems on the property that need to be addressed.

Cracks in your foundation or gaps in the exterior of your home can serve as entry points and will need to be sealed in order to stop future infestations. American cockroaches may also be transported inside your property in infested packages or belongings.

How do I get rid of American cockroaches?

Like any other roach, American cockroaches’ small size, nocturnal nature, and quick breeding habits make them a difficult pest to eliminate using DIY methods. Furthermore, like other roaches, these pests can develop an immunity to over-the-counter chemicals used to bait these unwanted invaders. Therefore, with the dangers cockroaches pose and the challenges associated with extermination, your only safe bet is to bring a professional on board to help. Our experts at Pestmaster® Services have the experience and tools needed to rid your home or business of unwanted cockroaches.